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Staining & Sealing grout

what to expect when we stain your grout

Grout staining is a great and affordable way to transform your floors. Staining can make a floor look brand new. However, if not done properly, staining could ruin your tile. If stain is left on the grout to long during the application process, it can permanently discolor your flooring. On the other hand, if removed to soon it will not stain the grout. this caused blotchy discolored grout. It is also extremely important to use a high-quality stain. Many grout stain products are very low quality. This will cause issues down the road such as discoloration or short life span.                    

We start off with a deep clean of the area being stained. After cleaned and dried we use a high-quality stain that preforms three important functions: Constant color, deep grout penetration, and seals to prevent future grout stains. We apply the stain to small sections of the grout at a time. This allows us to carefully manage the application area preventing inconsistent color. We can in most cases have your stain job done in one or two days.

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